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Hi all,

I am encountering an annoying error while trying to populate the website (at http://localhost/nominatim).

I followed all the instructions listed at link text but, at the moment I call

./utils/setup.php --create-website <Apache document root>/nominatim

I got the following error

WARNING: resetting threads to 1
Symlinks created

WARNING: Unable to access the website at http://localhost/nominatim/
You may want to update settings/local.php with @define('CONST_Website_BaseURL', 'http://[HOST]/[PATH]/');
Setup finished.

I see that some files are generated, but not the tiles (i.e. tiles.js is not present).

My entry for this in apache2.conf is (I also tried to insert this into my 000-default.conf , but nothing has changed)

    < Directory /var/www/html/nominatim/>
          Options MultiViews Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
          AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo
          AddType text/html .php
          Require all granted
    < /Directory>

While my local.php is

// Paths
@define('CONST_Postgresql_Version', '9.3');
@define('CONST_Postgis_Version', '2.1');

// Website settings
@define('CONST_Website_BaseURL', 'http://localhost/nominatim/');

Any hints about something else that I can check ?

asked 22 Apr '16, 16:06

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Nominatim is a search engine only and not a tile server. Hence it does not generate tiles. A typical local installation of a Nominatim server will load search results from your own server, but map tiles from OpenStreetMap over the web.

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answered 23 Apr '16, 19:50

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for your answer,

I just followed step by step the installation guide where, in the Import and index OSM data section indicates to run the command the import of the osm file.

Then, into the Set up the website section, the command for populating the website is explained.

Is this the command supposed to be executed in order to import the tiles into the website folder ? Or the first ?

Thanks again,


(25 Apr '16, 12:07) GabBurnout

Nominatim does not include tiles, and the setup-website command only creates a couple of symlinks so that you can use the search through a web browser and your local Apache web server.

(25 Apr '16, 12:41) Frederik Ramm ♦

Looking into the setup.php file, I can notice that, for the website population, a check for the presence of the file js/tiles.js is performed. In my case, it's the root of my problems (I think) because I don't have this one.

Am I supposed to install a map server (like in here for instance) to have it ?



(25 Apr '16, 15:07) GabBurnout

I see. It appears that something has been recently changed in Nominatim and the check whether --setup-website has succeeded still looks for a tiles.js file which doesn't exist anymore. I recommend you raise this issue on the Nominatim bug tracker.

(25 Apr '16, 15:22) Frederik Ramm ♦

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