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I've recently added an area that's reserved for pedestrians as a multi-polygon here:

However the area for the pedestrians gets drawn over the roofs within it. I've added the roofs as "inner" for now, however that does not feel right, since the roofs just cover the pedestrian area below them. I can't add one of the roofs as inner anyways, so there has to be another solution.

The area is a multi-polygon because of the other cut-out bits and the building in the middle.

asked 22 Apr '16, 09:40

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This is a known bug, see this issue which is marked as a duplicate of the more general issue. The latter issue has been open for awhile, but is not fixed yet.

Nevertheless, you should add the layer tags (as hendrikklaas already wrote)

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answered 22 Apr '16, 12:29

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Hi, the renderer does not understand what’s going on here; everything is on the same level. Tag the roofs layer=1, add the bicycle parking as well. It looks like the train is beneath the pedestrian area but there no layer tag either and it should get one. A roof is not an area its just a roof with layer=1, the shops beneath a roof can get a tag like covered=yes since the roof is no part of the building its self. You could make the buildings standing on the pedestrian level as inner in the multi of pedestrian area. Remember don’t tag for the renderer you should tag what’s there. And try not to connect nodes in different levels / layers the nodes of a roof should not be connected to the nodes of the platforms.

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answered 22 Apr '16, 10:47

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I had the roofs tagged as layer 1 at one point, which did not fix the rendering (so it's either a bug in the renderer or I never got updated tiles and hit old ones from the caching layer). However aren't roofs technically a thing inbetween layers? Layers make perfect sense to me for streets & paths, but in this case it just doesn't feel right.

The shops are in actual buildings so that,s correctly tagged for what I know.

Most of the infrastructure (including all platforms and roofs) was tagged before, but I guess I should clean up some of their tagging too (i.e. making the underground stuff truly underground).

(22 Apr '16, 11:34) freaktechnik

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