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Is it possible to query data by attributes that are not tagged? For example if I wanted to find all roads with access:bicycle=yes or bike lanes=both - I end up missing some roads with those attributes simply because those attributes haven't been "tagged" yet.

I realize I could manually find and tag them all, but I'm searching a rather large area. Any thoughts?

asked 21 Apr '16, 01:46

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which query language do you use ? OverPass ?

Also, shouldn't access:bicycle=yes be bicycle=yes ?

(21 Apr '16, 06:11) escada

I think there's a misunderstanding here. In OSM parlance, "tagging" means to apply an attribute to a feature. So by this very definition, there cannot be roads "with certain attributes" in OSM that "have not been tagged as such" - if they have not been tagged then they do not have the attributes.

Of course you can run a query that gives you all roads that don't have a certain attribute, but without going out and surveying the road (or checking on aerial imagery at least) you won't know whether those roads rightly don't have the attribute, or should have it but lack it.

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answered 21 Apr '16, 06:41

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Keeping Frederik's cautioning words in mind, you can use an overpass query to find osm ways tagged with highway but not tagged with any variant of bicycle. Remember that the absence of a tag on an osm object doesn't mean that that tag is missing : it might just not be necessary. Also, highways are not the only objects that may have bicycle tags.

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answered 21 Apr '16, 12:01

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Thank you for your responses - they helped clarify some things. I guess what I am confused about is why I can select a road feature in editor, see that the field -allowed access- is bicycle=yes, but no wizard query I run for bicycles ever returns the road.

(21 Apr '16, 13:03) tordor

Be sure to open the "all tags" tab in your editor or find another way to see the actual tags the object has; perhaps you're just making wrong assumptions about what tags the editor converts your form input to.

(21 Apr '16, 13:11) Frederik Ramm ♦

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