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Hi Team,

Need you help to download map tiles for getting zoom level upto 10. I tried with the JTileDownloader but during the download it showing a error message that some tiles are forbidden.

Using retry button though it is downloaded by skipping those forbidden tiles but when i import this tiles in my application nothing is showing in the map some X sign are coming.

Thanks for any kind of support/Suggestions

asked 18 Apr '16, 12:50

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See JTileDownloader in the OSM wiki, especially the big red message stating

JTileDownloader user agents [...] blocked entirely [...]. Please use other tile servers, like MapQuest Open.

Downloading tiles, especially high zoom tiles, puts a big load on tile servers. OSM's tile servers run on donated resources and thus will block any software trying to overload them. See the tile usage policy for details.

Try a different tile server. Ideally one that is run by a large company and has a less strict usage policy or a paid tile provider. Alternatively you can use TileMill or Maperitive for generating tiles on your own or install your own tile server.

Other questions about offline maps might also help you.

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answered 18 Apr '16, 15:05

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