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Hi, I'm a dentist. I have a privat dental Clinic in Damascus Syria I signed in as "Soubhi Sabbagh" I need to add my clinic to your map. Unfortunately, I didn't find an icon for dental centers or any medical icons beside the edit screen. Can I make a special icon to be used for dentistry

medical-> Dentist

Please email me on drsoubhi@gmail.com

Kind Regards,

asked 02 May '11, 04:05

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Soubhi Sabbagh
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Note that people will not generally mail you with answers - answers should be posted here so everyone can see them. You can however configure your account so you get mail whenever someone answers your question.

(05 Apr '12, 08:46) sleske

Also dentists are mapped in OpenStreetMap they are not rendered in the default view on www.openstreetmap.org. If you include a slippy map on your homepage you can change that by adding an extra layer that contains a logo (possible acting as a clickable link) on top of the map tiles.

See http://weait.com/content/control-appearance-your-business-openstreetmap for a nice description of how to do that.

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answered 02 May '11, 05:36

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Your link fails.

(05 Apr '12, 13:50) Pieren

To add your clinic to OSM, please create a node (a dot on the map), and tag it as "amenity=dentist".

Unfortunately, I didn't find an icon for dental centers

You probably used the online editor on the main OSM page. That editor (Potlatch2) does not have an icon for a dentist, but you can still use it (the icon list offered is far from exhaustive).

To add your clinic, use the icon for "hospital" (drag it to the map). Then switch to "advanced mode" (button below), and change the tag "amenity=hospital" to "amenity=dentist". For bonus points, also set the right address (in "simple mode", tab "address"). Don't forget to save.

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answered 05 Apr '12, 08:45

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In addition to the tag "amenity=dentist", don't forget the tag "name=Soubhi Sabbagh" and possibly some more tags about your phone number and address informations (search 'address' and 'phone' on the wiki documentation)

(05 Apr '12, 13:48) Pieren
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