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Hi there!

I need to create a web application with interactive map with capabilities of adding custom markers by users. The markers are car accidents. Each registered user can add the marker at specific place on the map and other users will be able to see it. All the markers have to be stored in a database.

Once application starts I need to load all these markers from the database and send them to UI in JSON format (just array of points with coordinates) and the UI has to show them on the map. And once an user creates a car accident I have to send this information to the backed to be stored in the database.

I use Angular JS for UI and .Net WebApi for backend. I know there is a .NET library OSMSHARP (, but for now I don't have a clear idea how to use it for my purpose.

Could anybody help me with this? Any advice would be really helpful.


asked 13 Apr '16, 19:44

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Which part of your question is specific OSM related ? IMHO you ve to ask this kind of question about building a programm that uses the OSM database at the developers sites. Or have, to find your way, a look at these pages,

(14 Apr '16, 15:28) Hendrikklaas

Yeah you're right, my question is pretty abstract and I should ask such a question on developers forums. But anyway thanks for the link.

(15 Apr '16, 09:46) artemvalmus

@artemvalmus As you've probably spotted, we get quite a few Windows development questions here and many fewer answers. What'd be really great would be if some of the people who've solved Windows development questions (using help elsewhere) try and resolve the unsolved questions here, or at least try and point them in the direction of possible solutions.

Obviously you're not in a position to do that yet, but it'd be great to come back when you are :)

(15 Apr '16, 10:05) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse That's good idea, why not :) I'll try to contribute to this once I find answers to my questions.

(15 Apr '16, 16:55) artemvalmus

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