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"If I were able to establish a connection between my organization and the osm server, I'll need server ip's to connect to, in order to use the maps online. I found the server list on the wiki, but I am not sure how I'm supposed to approach this. Any advice would be helpful."

asked 11 Apr '16, 06:39

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See the answers to the question What are the IP addresses of OSM's servers?

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answered 11 Apr '16, 07:49

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I already have.

I need a connection through an ip address, because my server is within an intranet. I have no internet access, unless I give an ip address. The ip address I want would then give me the ability to access osm, so that I can add and osm layer to my leafletjs code.

I saw the list of servers (named after dragons). For example, is for yevaud. Which one of these servers gives me the ability to add an osm layer to my leafletjs?

(11 Apr '16, 10:27) mabuodeh

This depends on the specific layer you want to add. The default layer is served via the tile caching servers. There are many of them, so either allow all of them or the one responsible for your country. This may change any time of course.

(11 Apr '16, 10:46) scai ♦

I'd setup a standalone tile server as per these instructions. Unless you're updating the data on the fly or hosting e.g. Javascript externally, no internet access is needed.

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answered 11 Apr '16, 10:49

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