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I've found tagging for bicycle repair, automobile repair, and a proposal for electronics repair, and how to tag a shop that also repairs the sorts of things it sells. But how do I tag a standalone repair business? For example,

  • A business that repairs vacuum cleaners, but doesn't sell them
  • A business that repairs sewing machines, but doesn't sell them
  • A business that repairs both, and sells neither

asked 09 Apr '16, 04:53

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There is also tv_repair (8 uses); perhaps the rather unwieldy domestic_applicance_repair or something similar would work as a more generic tag for things which are much rarer than they were (at least in N. America & Europe, things may well be different elsewhere in the world)

(09 Apr '16, 11:29) SK53 ♦

shop=repair is another general option. At least it's used a little (56 times)

You could always put a repair specialty in a repair=* tag

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answered 22 Jun '16, 15:46

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Essentially no existing tag exists for this. shop=applicance_repair would be a suggestion for a new tag.

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answered 21 Jun '16, 08:40

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Searching taginfo for tag use suggests that "repair=yes" is the one of the most common ways of tagging of "does do repair". Also you might get some suggestions from taginfo value use. Although "shop=repair" on it's own is one of the more widely used values, I'm not convinced that it's really a "class of thing" in its own right - a shop that repairs tractors and one that repairs watches are very different.

As @poornibadrinath suggests, I'd make something up along the lines of "shop=<thing>_repair".

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answered 22 Jun '16, 23:28

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I guess I see it as more of an iterative process, where it is OK to use a more general tag, and maybe add a subtag. Then as time goes on if people notice there's a lot of subtag X, they might decide it would be easier to make a more specific tag to use for them. With fuzzier categories like the variety of repair shops mentioned here, shop=<thing>_repair seems likely to be pretty unique (and thus not much more useful than just looking at the shop name). But YMMV! :) For people not familiar with these tensions in approaches to tagging, it might be useful to read the "duck tagging" page on the wiki:

(23 Jun '16, 15:17) neuhausr

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