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I noticed that many of the bays and small islands off the coast of Antarctica don't have their names applied yet. What is the best way to mark the names of bays and small islands? Do you have to select the entire (often oddly shaped) bay or just a part of it where the name should appear?

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For small islands, a node with place=island, name=* will do the trick. You can also just add those tags to the encircling coastline if one is present. For bays and coves, points and capes, I add a node and tag it with natural=bay or natural=cape, add a name and source and call it good. I've experimented with adding bays as a long closed way but it's tricky to know where the "boundaries" are.

Here is an area I've worked on:

Sadie Cove is a bay (SE in the window) that I defined as an area by making a copy of the coastline, closing the way at the "mouth", adjusting it and then retagging it as above. It's certainly much harder to do than merely adding a node. It doesn't supply much more information either because the bay is still pretty obvious when seen on a larger scale map.

There are a few islands on the screen in that URL that are tagged using both conventions. Look at those lying due south of Hesketh Island.

Cheers, Dave

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