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I need to intersect the surface of a pedestrian area with the beginning of some steps that go upward. How do I do this? Can someone help me? alt text

asked 04 Apr '16, 21:40

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edited 04 Apr '16, 22:59

could you describe the problem of "intersecting"? Do you have problems using an editor (which)? Or problems thinking about how to model the data?

(04 Apr '16, 21:54) aseerel4c26 ♦

I don't know how to properly model what's on the ground...I mean I could have connected the beginning of the steps and the edge of the pedestrian area with a pedestrian way(highway=pedestrian)but that way does not exist in reality. The steps actually begin in the middle of a square. Also I've noticed that walkable and motorable surfaces are problematic to map. Am I wrong?

(04 Apr '16, 22:02) adafam

In some cases "virtual" ways are necessary, especially for pedestrian areas.

(05 Apr '16, 10:28) scai ♦

I would use multipolygons to map this, which are able to model areas with holes.

In your example, there seem to be some buildings(?) together with the steps in the center of the pedestrian area. Those should all be excluded from the pedestrian area by using a multipolygon. You can then connect the steps to the inner ring of the multipolygon with a shared node.

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answered 08 Apr '16, 12:53

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I fear connecting the steps only to the inner ring will fail on most if not all routing engines because the inner ring is not connected to the rest of the road network.

(08 Apr '16, 13:04) scai ♦

@scai: I also expect that many routing engines will have a problem with this, due to their generally poor handling of areas. This is just one symptom of a larger problem, though, and it doesn't change that it's correct to map things like that. Personally, I'm not a fan of mapping for the router (i.e. "virtual" ways and similar workarounds).

(08 Apr '16, 15:16) Tordanik

So your talking about a bridge thats coming down in the middel of the area ? Could you ad a OSM link for a picture of the situation ? Just end the bridge with steps where they stop without a connection to the border. Read this as well, , for the key and value of the steps away or up from the area.

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answered 04 Apr '16, 22:27

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Thank you for the answer! I've added the rendered steps that I was talking about

(04 Apr '16, 23:00) adafam

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