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Several months (maybe an year?) ago I had thoroughly mapped an area. Now as I check it, all the amenities are missing. It was a square with pharmacies, shops, banks, marketplace, parkings - various stuff.

highway ways are intact, but maybe about 20 tagged nodes and polygons are gone. I tried looking at the history, but it is full of bogus edits that have nothing to do with my area. It shows worldwide changesets that happen to contain my area as well and it is not usable at all.

How can I proceed to find out what happened to all the stuff there?

asked 04 Apr '16, 17:51

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Overpass API has some features for restricting queries based on date and time:

Here's an example showing amenities that existed on a given date:

And another showing items that were edited during a period of time:

Edit: The examples queries above only specify the date. As explained further in the comments below, to get correct results it is necessary to specify the date and time, like "2015-01-01T06:55:00Z".

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answered 04 Apr '16, 19:57

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wow, that's cool! sadly turbo is not working since some days :( Firefox' console shows a blocked cross-origin request to the interpreter. Not for you? hmm...

(04 Apr '16, 20:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26 Sounds like a bug at your end - works for me in Firefox, Chrome and Seamonkey (all Windows 7).

(04 Apr '16, 21:02) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: Ah, thanks! I digged a bit deeper: The request was made to and was rewritten to by a browser plugin. Either some plugin is not working correctly with another one, or... whatever. Opening overpass-turbo via https fixes the issue. :) If you think this is not useful for others, please delete my comments.

(04 Apr '16, 21:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

Is this really working? Because, I'm trying this with date 2015-01-01 and it returns amenities I've created yesterday.

(05 Apr '16, 14:49) ivanatora

For me that query returns exactly three things, all created before 2015-01-01. Look at what's highlighted at the right, not at the data on the map tiles...

(05 Apr '16, 14:52) SomeoneElse ♦

Apparently my assumption that the date alone is sufficient is incorrect. Using date:"2015-01-01T06:55:00Z" omits the banks created yesterday, the date alone includes them.

(05 Apr '16, 15:15) maxerickson

Yeah, adding an hour seems to filter the list a bit. But still, it returns seemingly odd data. For example I get that node 2147630318 that originates from this changeset 14966325 that is closed at 2013-02-09. How exactly does the date parameter works in Overpass API? Is it documented somewhere?

(05 Apr '16, 16:32) ivanatora

@SomeoneElse I've got a lot of highlights from that query, not just 3 things. And I really see those were returned in the Data tab. Adding hour and time to the query seems to filter the query to those 3 items you see. It is curious why did the same query returned different data for you and for me.

(05 Apr '16, 16:35) ivanatora

It's documented at the link above. Beyond that, the source code.

Showing something from 2013 matches my expectations, the date query shows the results of querying the OSM database as it existed on the date in question. Use diff/adiff to see the changes that occurred over a chosen period of time.

(05 Apr '16, 16:51) maxerickson
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If you can find the changeset where you added the data in your edit history you can click on one of the items you added to see the current version, and from there the history for that node, to work out what happened to it when.

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answered 04 Apr '16, 18:26

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EdLoach ♦
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That would be hard, due to the large number of my changesets, and me not knowing when exactly did I added those amenities...

(05 Apr '16, 16:26) ivanatora

There are ways to only see local edits, see how-do-i-see-the-history-for-my-area.

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answered 04 Apr '16, 19:32

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