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I am working on an area where someone has previous mapped. They have connected paths to roads, but occasionally the path pulls the road out of place (and goes through some elements that I am trying to map).

So, my question - should the path be connected to the road, and if so, what is good form to avoid the path going through the other elements (i.e. where in reality there is no path).

asked 02 Apr '16, 14:25

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It might help to link to a spot you find problematic.

(02 Apr '16, 15:07) maxerickson

… or even better: a screenshot of it (because it may change in future, which makes the link worthless for readers later on). I think you, @Kabads, are not yet allowed to upload images, so just provide a link.

(02 Apr '16, 17:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

Whenever the footpath is connected to the road in the real world, it should be connected to the road in OSM, e.g. at crossings. However, the OSM-way for the street should remain in the middle of the real road. The footpath can have "virtual" parts, that cover the part from the sidewalk to the middle of the road.

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answered 02 Apr '16, 16:38

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Thanks @escada - that makes sense. I will readjust the roads to the middle, as a few of them had wandered so that they could easily attach to the footpath. I like the idea of a 'virtual' footpath. I'm guessing this allows for route finding if they are attached?

(03 Apr '16, 18:07) Kabads

Yes, routing only works if the ways are connected to each other.

(03 Apr '16, 19:33) scai ♦

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