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Hi, I've used potlatch2 without issue for years now, but from yesterday it fails to load (in any browser) saying "You need a Flash player to use Potlatch". I certainly do have Flash (, but given it's still fine on other machines, it's clearly something that has happened to my machine. I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling flash, but no luck. Any ideas?!

asked 01 Apr '16, 10:35

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One update is though it failed in Chrome and IE, I've just tried installing Firefox and it's fine in that, so it's presumably something about the Chrome/IE plugins.

(01 Apr '16, 10:37) smb1001

I've just had this same message pop up (in both FF and SeaMonkey). While trying to diagnose the problem (I went to and which said that the latest flash player was installed and working) and then went back to OSM, and the "You need a Flash player to use Potlatch" message no longer appeared.

(02 Apr '16, 10:52) SomeoneElse ♦

had the same problem a few months ago - also switch to firefox.

When in internet explorer try the F12 option and switch to an earlier version of IE and see if it works. I eventually upgraded to IE 11 and allowed some Flash player updates to happen and I am back on potlatch on IE

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answered 01 Apr '16, 12:12

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Thanks for that -- good to know it's not just me.

I get the same thing happen with the earlier version emulation in IE, alas. I'm fine working on Firefox, just want to make sure it's not part of a bigger issue that'll turn people of OSM.

(01 Apr '16, 12:35) smb1001

alt text

I use Chrome and sometimes i get "install flash " message. I go into Chrome settings and i works for a while. see pic

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answered 13 Nov '17, 13:16

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andy mackey
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Why not simply dropping Potlatch because of Flash ?

Keep your current browser, but use iD instead. For more edvanced or specialized editing, use JOSM or another external editor.

Flash is also not supported in Windows 10 without IE (Edge also does not suport Flash or plugins, may be it will supporte plugins, but not those based on the obsoleting NPAPI).

Even Mozilla is about to deprecate NPAPI (due to many security concerns) for a more decent integration API. That NPAPI in fact was not specified by Mozilla but comes from another obsolete proprietary browser.

Flash itself is about to expire too (Minimalist support by Adobe, no longer updated except for a few security isues) Adobe is also developing now for HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and Flash is outdated (its remaining use is for videos on some sites, but HTML5 offers a better integration of video, Flash is no longer necessary, instead browsers are integrating only the video codecs installed on the system)

IMHO, it was a severe error of OpenStreetMap to develop Potlatch2 based on Flash (when it was already known that Flash had very severe problems nad has been the target of so many attacks as it was used, before the better standardization of HTML,CSS+Javascript only for obsolete advertizing and tracking technologies; today, advertizers no longer use Flash; its main current use is now only for poor game apps hosted on Facebook, but many of them are now being redeveloped using HTML5 and the Facebook integration framework).

Only because of Flash, Potlatch2 is also not supported now on many platforms (including mobile devices which are booming, see Android and iPads).

Let's stop supporting Flash and... Potlatch2. HTML5 rocks!

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answered 08 Apr '16, 02:07

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Please keep answers short and relevant to the original question. The help site is not suitable for long opinion pieces.

(12 Nov '17, 21:06) SK53 ♦

I think it's pretty clear which of Potlatch and verdy_p has brought more to OSM.

(13 Nov '17, 09:36) Richard ♦

I think your personal opinion and attack does not deserve this project. Potlatch is no longer recommanded just like Flash and it's a fact that browsers do not let it run freely as they did in the past given the many security and privacy issues it caused, even if there were legitimate apps using it. And Potlatch is now seriously behind all other OSM editors. It made good services in the past but now people using it are extremely rare and there's little incentive to continue developing it or even supporting it, we simply do not really need it anymore.

(06 May '18, 16:03) verdy_p

And my opinion here is perfectly relevant for the initial issue reported: it simply does not work as well, its support in common browsers is now dramatically dropping. @Richard, you're speaking about old history, but the question was for a problem existing now, so your reply was completley irrelevant to the issue.

(06 May '18, 16:05) verdy_p

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