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Hi, I want to start contributing to go towards an 80 hour university module. I need to be able to prove that I am putting in the hours.. so is there any system where you can see the hours you have contributed? thank you

asked 29 Mar '16, 13:56

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No, there is no such system.

Some people have made attempts to measure such things, for example:

But these attempts are working on statistical aggregates, not showing proof of time spent contributing for an individual.

Probably the best thing to do is to find someone on the university side who has some idea of what OpenStreetMap is and then work out with them how to monitor your work.

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answered 29 Mar '16, 14:24

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Not really. We log who contributes what - but one person may contribute 10 houses which they have meticuously surveyed spending a whole day, while another person might carelessly sketch 1.000 houses off of aerial imagery in the same time, and a third person writes a bot that imports 100,000 houses from a government data source. So we can't know how much time someone has actually spent making a contribution.

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answered 29 Mar '16, 14:19

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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hi FlorenceNeave,

Have a look here and ask it Pascal Neis hes is making overvieuws based on statistical data. He might know a method to service you.

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answered 29 Mar '16, 22:04

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There is no system in place, but it could be done with OSM History files. There you could find all the objects you've touched, with the timestamp of the touch. BUT if you make a large changeset and save it all at once, then only the time at saving is recorded. If you save regularly, you only lose the first few minutes of your mapping. Of course, some assumptions would have to be made, like a maximum time between saves before you don't count all the in between time as mapping time.

That said, it might well take you more than 80 hours to set up the system to do this :)

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answered 15 Apr '16, 07:41

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joost schouppe
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