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Hello I'm using a prepaid mobile. Thus i've disabled data transmission to avoid costs. I have osmand+ 1.5.1 on this mobile. osmand works fine with one problem, occurring every 4-5 weeks. Than osmand can be started but interrupts startup-process with an error-message: data failure.. (can't remember exactly) and the app needs a connection to the Amazon App-store, where i bought this app. After this osmand works fine again. But this is a problem, when i'm outdoor, with no connection to a cell, and i cant use osmand. Does anybody know this effect? is this normal? Or is it a problem caused by Amazon Appstore? regards Gerhard

asked 29 Mar '16, 08:08

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Some (paid) apps hosted through the Amazon Appstore will need to connect to Amazon's server before you could use it normally. Probably to verify your app in order to "combat piracy" (sorry, for lack of a better word).

You may use the F-Droid version as stated in the first answer.

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answered 03 Apr '16, 06:05

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I have no Android myself and also not Amazon app store. But I have used OsmAnd on Android before.

It sounds like a store issue, since I am not aware of an affiliation with amazon. Try to get OsmAnd e.g. from F-Droid.

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answered 29 Mar '16, 10:36

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I never heared about such an issue from the apps available from Google Playstore or F-Droid.

So i recommend to consult Amazon service.

And: Osmand 1.5.1 is REALLY VERY old! So I assume that there will be no normal Osmand user who could try to reproduce any of your errors.

And you can consider asking on the Osmand googlegroup mailinglist.

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answered 29 Mar '16, 17:08

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Hi thanks to all. As Amazon changed its behavour again, now every use of OSMAND must be verified by the Amazonstore. So i uninstalled the amazon version and installed this from the Google store. Thanks for your help. regards Gerhard

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answered 03 Apr '16, 08:22

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