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How should I tag yoga studios? There are several businesses whose primary purpose is holding yoga classes near where I live.

I checked the wiki which cites taginfo and sport=yoga. As i understand, sport=* is primarily used with leisure=pitch ; so should I also add the leisure=pitch tag?

asked 26 Mar '16, 14:12

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On the ones near me I went with sport=yoga and ignored the JOSM warning that I hadn't marked a pitch.

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answered 26 Mar '16, 16:15

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I would use some leisure tag too (in case you didn't) – maybe leisure=sports_centre. Otherwise there is nothing physical mapped where this sport (yoga) is done in.

(26 Mar '16, 17:09) aseerel4c26 ♦

In my case the tag is on a building and the building has address tags (along with the name of the establishment, phone and website). So there is something physically mapped at this area.

(27 Mar '16, 04:12) n76

I've had difficulty tagging yoga venues too. To my mind, yoga isn't as much a sport as a training discipline. You might decide on amenity=training and training=yoga. Taginfo shows about equal usage for both sport=yoga and training=yoga but it's an open topic as far as I'm concerned. Using the training tags has the advantage of avoiding the need for a leisure pitch tag.

(27 Mar '16, 06:05) AlaskaDave

Along with sport=yoga, consider using leisure=fitness_centre. This is more or less the consensus tag that's developed for a smaller size gym/workout/fitness place. Most of the yoga places I've seen seem to emphasize the fitness part of it over anything but the most surface-level spirituality.

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answered 28 Mar '16, 18:44

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For what it's worth, this ("leisure=fitness_centre" combined with "sport=yoga") seems to be the magic combination for the iD editor to label a feature "Yoga Studio" in the in-browser editor, complete with an exercising-guy icon. Clicking the "I" for info gives the description "yoga as exercise" and a corresponding photo.

(23 Oct '17, 22:41) jmapb
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