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Hi We'd like to use an Umap Openstreetmap during an academic course. They'll be multiple simultaneous editors.

We've tried to edit the same map for testing but it looks impossible to use the same map simultaneously. Are we missing something ?

asked 16 Mar '16, 14:24

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Umap is not geared up for concurrent editing. You'll probbably just be overwriting each other's changes.

It'd be a nice feature to have, but it's also far from trivial (to do right). I'm not aware of any similar map-editing package with a concurrent editing feature.

Do you really need concurrent editing of the same map ? How about taking turn editing, or sharing an editing session on one (possibly remote) screen, or having each studen follow the same editing tutorial on their own map ?

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answered 16 Mar '16, 16:05

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Well, yes, I need that feature, as the idea is to have Y students with Z plots to put on a unique map, the result expected being a map with Y * Z plots. As concurrent editing looks not possible, I'm thinking then to have each student working on it's own temporary maps. And at the end of the course, each should export it's content map and send it to me, in order that I import all exports in an unique map. Hope this is possible...

(16 Mar '16, 17:52) dbourrion

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