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Hello. I want to upload a GPX file, but I get the error "Issue while inserting job into database". Not very descriptive IMO. There's nothing about this in the documentation. What should I do? The file is exported from Sports Tracker 4.12 for Nokia.

asked 27 Apr '11, 19:32

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Did you receive an email from OSM server about success or failure of your GPX upload?

You can also check

(27 Apr '11, 19:41) stephan75

I have successfully uploaded lots of GPX traces but one bounced the other day because it had a dash or back slash in the name. I removed it and the file uploaded ok. but It took me a few minutes to guess the problem

(27 Apr '11, 21:31) andy mackey

If you open your GPX file with a text editor it should consist of a few lines of name and creator informtion followed by a large list on lats and longs each with date and time. if it does not have these time stamps it will not upload. you can see a good trace by down loading one from the traces list and then opening with a text editor.

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answered 27 Apr '11, 23:16

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andy mackey
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I have reinstalled SportsTracker and now it works. It seems that the timestamps were the problem. Both good and bad GPX files had timestamps, but the latter had only zeroes in them.

The good file:

<trkpt lat="51.140517" lon="16.890212">
<desc>Speed 2.7 km/h Distance 0.00 km</desc>

The bad file:

<trkpt lat="51.121407" lon="16.879287">
<desc>Speed 2.3 km/h Distance 0.00 km</desc>

So much walking for nothing, so sad :). The web interface should return a little boit more descriptive error message, though.

Thanks for help for all.

(28 Apr '11, 21:03) haael

I've checked the logs, and those dodgy timestamps were indeed the problem because the database rejected them as invalid.

(28 Apr '11, 21:30) TomH ♦♦

A quick web search finds eactly three hits:

In the previous two cases it appears that dodgy data** was the problem, so it may be in your case as well. Perhaps you could check that or upload it somewhere else so that someone could have a look?

** specifically NaN or nan (i.e. "not a number") in fields that should have been numeric

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answered 27 Apr '11, 22:21

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