Hi All,

Could someone with more experience than me please revert a changeset for me? I have already contacted the user (cwarnock) regarding changeset #37668263 and he has agreed to the revert as I explained to him that I was in the middle of making multiple edits when he made his before I could save mine, causing a conflict of versions (error status code 409).

My edits match his in any case so once his changeset is reverted and I save my edits, the result should be the same.

Many thanks, Gary

Edit: error message below -

alt text

asked 09 Mar '16, 11:11

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Just a quick note that reverting will increase the version numbers as the items are changed back to their previous state in a new version, not restore previous version numbers, so it probably won't help with the conflict of versions (as I understand it).

(09 Mar '16, 12:02) EdLoach ♦

Thanks EdLoach, but I think it's more a case of the particular edit in question was where I combined several sections of an undefined line and changed it to a footpath, whereas the other user just changed the undefined sections to a footpath.

Perhaps I'm wrong but it would still be useful to have the changeset reverted to try as I have a lot of unsaved changes that I don't want to lose because of this error.

(09 Mar '16, 12:19) gaz3434

Hi, cwarnock had already uploaded those paths a few days ago without tagging them as anything. To revert changeset #37668263 will still leave the untagged ways. Do you still want changeset #37668263 rebverted?

(09 Mar '16, 13:05) BCNorwich

To echo what EdLoach said, a revert won't avoid the 409 error. @gaz3434 what editor were you using? Maybe there's some other way around the problem?

EDIT: Looks like iD from user's edit history. I suspect that there's no easy workaround. From memory someone did once manage to intercept the changes sent to the OSM server (details are on this site; maybe try searching the tag "ideditor") but it's far from straightforward. It's probably quicker to redo your changes.

EDIT 2: Found it! See https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/36044/error-saving-changes-version-mismatch and https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/34325/id-conflict-of-a-bigger-edit-not-resolvable-in-web-editor-because-of-changed-telephone-number?page=1&focusedAnswerId=34340#34340 . Still probably quicker to redo your edits though.

(09 Mar '16, 13:12) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I'm using iD editor. So reverting the changeset won't avoid the 409 error? Is it worth a try seeing the edits cwarnock made were fairly minor and mine are quite extensive? Even if it doesn't work I can still go back and re-do the edits that cwarnock made.

Let me know if someone is willing to revert the changeset for me, thanks.

(10 Mar '16, 11:17) gaz3434

As others said, it won't help. The iD editor compares the local version number of the object with the one in the database. Since that number is already higher, no matter which change you make to the entry in the database, the version number will be higher than the one in your editor. It does not compare the characteristics (tags) of nodes and ways, just the version field

(10 Mar '16, 16:38) escada
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