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I'm working on a plan to create a "campsite raspberry pi server". It has various features that I think would be useful to a group in the middle of nowhere.

This server will sit on a wifi network that isn't connected to anything else. One thing that I would like to do is be able to have users on the wifi pull down a map using an app or web interface.

I guess my question is multi parted: 1) can I install an OpenStreetMap server on a raspberry pi? 2) what would be the easiest way to get the maps to people who are only connected to this network? 3) can I select what is cached on the server? I would image the entire mapset is pretty large, so maybe only grabbing something smaller like the the local area would be better.

I'm thinking that having them go to something like in their browser would be easier than trying to force an app to connect to the local server?

I appreciate your input!

asked 08 Mar '16, 04:43

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It really depends on

a) if you want to be able to update the data (that would make things complicated)

b) which services you actually want to provide

Lets assume the answer to a) is no.

If you assume that all connecting devices will be fast enough to do on device rendering, you could serve vector tiles from the device. You migh even be able to provide rough global coverage and detailed local tiles.

Search will be difficult, see for a potential solution (the XSCE site would be worth looking at in any case).

Routing you might want to have a look at or OSRM (OSRM woul require pre-processing on a larger machine).

Naturally if you want to make your life easier and are not doing it for the challenge of craming everything on to a RPi, repurposing an old laptop is likely to work a lot better.

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answered 08 Mar '16, 08:29

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Thanks for your response!

A) I would want to update the data maybe monthly? back when the pi was actually connected to the internet. would that be difficult? B) I think I need to learn a lot more about open street maps. I didn't realize how many components there were, instead was thinking I could just "cache" an area and serve it locally. Sounds like I need to do some research! C) I'm hoping the RPi3 is going to be powerful enough for my project, which involves more than just the OSM server. It's starting to look like I may be under-estimating my needs here.

(08 Mar '16, 10:27) TJZ

It really depends, there are a lot of options and in the end it really depends what your target audience has from a device pov.

(08 Mar '16, 12:41) SimonPoole ♦

Assuming that the people that you want to provide maps for will be away from the server for most of the time, maybe don't try and overthink it and just provide downloads of something like OsmAnd / / other app of choice, plus data for the local area (in whatever format the app needs)?

That's assuming that people have got phones, that GPS works on them, and you've got a way of charging them all over the period that you're away.

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answered 14 Mar '16, 20:18

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