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I love but... have a Garmin device with very limited memory (Edge 520).

I travel a lot and use my Garmin for road cycling so would rather have a large area with less detail than have to take multiple maps with lots of detail I don't need and have to swap them all the time.

I have created a very rudimentary style for use with mkgmap that is great for road cycling and it's use results in maps only a fraction of the size of those currently created by I have placed this on Gitub for reference:

It would be amazing to have some kind of alternate or user defined style used on so I don't have to reinvent the wheel regards to downloading areas for conversion or sharing this.

Would that be possible?

If the site allowed for user defined styles then it would help others with making specialised maps for other activities and not just the single use case I describe.

Thanks :)

asked 06 Mar '16, 18:11

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Thanks for your suggestion! However, you need to contact the operator(s) of that site. I would suggest to post to the forum thread (it is linked on the top left corner on ). Please mention here (link to your post), when you've posted over there.

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answered 06 Mar '16, 18:50

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That 'forum' link points to a single thread here:

I cannot post there as the registration page states, "This forum is not accepting new registrations."

There is a link there to find more info, but it simply points back to the same page.

For such an invaluable tool, this seems a bit odd!

(06 Mar '16, 19:06) Rob_in

@Rob_in: oh, yes, I am sorry! I remember... the forum had a big problem with spammers and as a temporary emergency measure they had to disable the registration. You could contact Lambertus directly: (be logged in, then you can send a message there) or the mail address on top of .

(06 Mar '16, 19:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

Don't forget that there is also , a site that already offers different styles for your garmin. They might be willing to include your style as well.

(07 Mar '16, 06:26) escada

As fas as I know you should be able to log into the forum with you OSM account.

(07 Mar '16, 06:27) escada

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