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I would like to know how can I map the smoothness of the different ways to do skating. For a normal way, the surface tag indicates the material, but not the smoothness. Skating can be done ovew few materials, but most important is the smootness of them. Paved is too generic, there is a rough paved or fine paved, and the last one is continuosly seached for skaters.

I have seen the following tags that can be used for that, but I want to read your opinions:

  • surface:grade but this is a little generic, and it does not define rough or fine paved. Fine could be 3, and rough could be 2.
  • Smoothness This is closed to what I am looking for, but this is a proposal.

What should I do? which tag should I use?

asked 03 Mar '16, 16:07

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The smoothness tag is fairly widely used, so I'd use that. It's pretty inconceivable that another tag will come along and be as widely used, so I'd just use "smoothness". Most of the opposition to it was based around the use of "comedy values"** such as "very_horrible"; maybe it sounded better in the original German :)

** Personally I have a list of "appropriate for X vehicle" values for smoothness such as "car", "4wd", "tractor" etc., which I then translate to e.g. "horrible" before adding to OSM.

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answered 03 Mar '16, 16:21

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indeed! to really see the smoothness values,I've made this simple visualization in overpass turbo some time ago: (switch on "Don't display small features as POIs." in the map settings and the run on your small area of interest). smoothness is used much!

(03 Mar '16, 19:21) aseerel4c26 ♦

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