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I setup nominatim in my server.

But Its very very slowly processing geocodes. For a single geocode request it takes more than 2 secs.

How can i improve speed in nominatim ?

Note: I am using NGINX server

asked 03 Mar '16, 04:42

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what are the characteristics of your server? How much RAM? Do you use SSD or rotating hard drives, and if the latter, at which speed?

(03 Mar '16, 10:28) dieterdreist


My server config: 32 core CPU, 128GB RAM & 2TB SSD HD. If i called 1000 geocode queries one by one, it takes around 4000 seconds for finish.

I have another doubt: Is it possible to call bulk geocode queries in a single request ?

(03 Mar '16, 17:33) Rajavelu_M

You can try to ask on the OSM developer mailinglist, see ...

or try to contact user lonvia ... she is quite helpful about nominatim.

(07 Mar '16, 16:49) stephan75

I would suggest that you analyse what your system is actually doing (munin or similar, postgres logs and so on). Response times as slow as you indicate would tend to point to either:

  • missing indices
  • other database misconfigurations.
(08 Mar '16, 08:32) SimonPoole ♦

Postgres is where you need to take a look. With 128 gigs of ram you can cache majority of the data needed for reverse geocoding. placex is the relation that slows down the process the most. Put the table in cache along with geometry index (in later versions reverse geometry index) and that will speed up your queries a lot. Over time, though you may achieve the same result when the cache "warms up" on its own...

OUt of curiousity, what is the project you use Nominatim for?

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answered 04 Jun '16, 15:04

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Taras O
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I have similar issue though (see the link below), as all the caching stuff consumes a lot of RAM and I believe 128Gb is an overkill for reverse geo...

(04 Jun '16, 15:07) Taras O

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