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There is some random stuff/junk around point 0.0 0.0 (see here). It's not visible in all maps, but it is in the Transport map. I can't query it though, and when starting to edit with ID it disappears when I zoom in far enough to be able to edit at all.

asked 01 Mar '16, 14:27

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Btw: a good tool to check for some types of the null junk (long ways etc.) is the OSMi Geometry view:

(01 Mar '16, 14:50) Piskvor

The fact that it shows in the Transport Map probably means that this tiles just hadn't updated at the time that you looked at them. They now have, and the "junk" has mostly gone.

The remaining items there are a buoy (which apparently does exist and even has its own website), and a line for the equator which is of questionable value. I asked about another of that user's "odd lines" a day ago, but haven't had a reply yet.

Stuff gets added accidentally at "null island" (latitude 0, longitude 0) quite regularly - usually JOSM users getting their maths wrong with imports. Several people (including me) do regularly clean it up - if you look at history in that area you'll see this changeset, which does exactly that. There's other questionable stuff around the place - I asked about this well a few days ago. If you try exploring with JOSM and Overpass I'm sure there's more to find!

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answered 01 Mar '16, 14:40

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