In Ukraine we have one large postal service. It has an open API to get info about branches (coordinates, address, number, working hours). We can use these data to automatically sync branches from API to OSM.

We don't know from which place does this service gets coordinates for its branches. It can be GPS, geocoding from Yandex.Maps/Google Maps/..., maybe some employee just use any online map to find and get coordinates... We don't know.

Can we use these data? Or what should we do to use it?

P.S. let's talk about questions, not about automatic edits.

asked 29 Feb '16, 21:21

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If you don't know the source of the data, then you don't know that it didn't come from a licence-incompatible source, and therefore unfortunately you can't use it in OSM.

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answered 01 Mar '16, 00:12

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...therefore, if you wish to use the data, ask the provider under what license they are providing it and check if that's compatible with OSM licensing (ODbL).

(01 Mar '16, 09:01) Piskvor
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