Hi everyone!

Im working in an animal sanctuary at the moment an wondered what the best way to tag the gates seen in the image would be.

photo of the gate

I searched taginfo and the wiki for fitting tags, but i couldn't find one.So I might have to introduce one myself. This opens up multiple possibilities.Tag as barrier=gate with gate:type=guillotin. Or make another barrier= tag to separate it from gates for humans. There are already different types of gates under barrier=

Cheers Hedaja

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If these are more general than the current specific use for dogs I'd suggest barrier=animal_gate, with optional tags to describe which animals are involved (either as animal_gate=dog or using taxon= or species=), and perhaps gate:type=guillotine. I happened to notice a couple the other day associated with a sheep dip.

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It's specifically a gate for an animal. Maybe add as a gate, but with access tags to indicate that human and vehicular traffic isn't allowed, but animal traffic (certain sorts of animal) is?

Your suggested gate:type does have fairly wide use already, though not yet "dog_guillotine" (the English spelling of "guillotine" has an "e" at the end, by the way).

As an aside, one other place that "dog guillotines" exist is on stiles. The tag dog_guillotine=yes has been used a few times. On the stile wiki page dog_gate=yes is suggested, but is only used 3 times.

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answered 01 Mar '16, 00:10

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Thank you for your answers.

I think a new tag would be better. dog_guillotine is to specific.

I'm going to use barrier=animal_gate; gate:type=guillotine. I'll try to document it in the wiki (first on the discussion page of barrier)

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answered 02 Mar '16, 19:33

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