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Hello, there.

I wondered: a lot of wetlands in my land are marshes, but they are frequently covered with trees; in fact, most of them are wet woods, with a wet but not inundated soil, with both trees and marsh-type, herbaceous vegetation. How should I map these? I thought about wetland=swamp, but that seems to describe more bayou-style, inundated wetland.

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asked 29 Feb '16, 09:33

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Mapping natural features isn't simple indeed. Natural areas don't have such clear boundaries like we humans would sometimes want, and neither are they as stable as we'd often want (a bit of rain can seriously change the look of a piece of land).

wetland=swamp seems indeed like the best choice for your case (it doesn't have to be always flooded).

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answered 29 Feb '16, 12:51

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Hi Penegal, Take a look at description of the natural pages in the Wiki it could be your answer. Either permanently or seasonally covered by water.

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answered 29 Feb '16, 11:52

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Well, I already searched the wiki, but found nothing corresponding to my case, nothing certain in any case, so I asked here.

(29 Feb '16, 13:21) Penegal

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