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San Diego receives all of its gasoline and jet fuel by Kinder Morgan large diameter high pressure pipelines from the Los Angeles area. The routes of these lines are generally known because they have permanent utility marker posts along their route. However, I suspect most people are blind to these markers and if they consult OSM before moving into a neighborhood; they might like to know the pipelines are there. (I would certainly like to know if a 16 inch high pressure gasoline was beneath my street.) Before I mark these pipeline routes are there any objections to including these features.

asked 29 Feb '16, 01:45

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I ask because there seems to be some disagreement about whether these are appropriate.

(29 Feb '16, 01:50) dwl-sdca

If it is verifiable in the field by an average person, as you indicate, then it can be mapped, preferably by field survey.

There are lots of places where pipelines traverse private property so field survey might not be possible. OTOH, in the arid west the scars on the land are often visible in legally usable satellite imagery for many decades after the pipeline is installed.

FWIW, a hazard disclosure is required to be given to potential buyers of property in California and I believe the presence of a high pressure pipeline would be included in that report. But apparently PG&E was not aware of where all of their pipelines are or even their condition, so I guess it a hazard report might miss that too.

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