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I'm about to setup a tile server or find some alternatives.

One of the alternatives would be prerendering the tiles and downloading the images. Therefore it would be helpful to know how long (approx.) a server like yevaud would need to prerender the planets Tiles via render_list from zoom 0 to zoom 15?

Also: In my estimations, I would need a large amount of disk space (4TB?). True?

I once prerendered the planet from 0-10 on a really low-performance system and it took nearly 3 weeks. I was wondering if this is normal or if my hardware was just too limited (low memory, no ssd)

Thanks in advance! :)

asked 24 Feb '16, 15:07

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Well, there's , which also includes tile counts - note that at zoom 15, only about a quarter of those tiles has ever been requested (what with most of planet surface being an ocean etc.). Three weeks on a toaster sounds reasonable.

(29 Feb '16, 16:06) Piskvor

Thanks for you response!

Yeah, I used these numbers for my disk space estimation. An alternative would be a "Pre-rendering-Server" in the cloud. But I really don't know how long the pre-rendering would take on a really strong EC2 instance (e.g. i2). Therefore I can't really estimate costs, etc.

Guess I just have to try it once.

(03 Mar '16, 14:09) ChrizMas
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NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum