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I am wondering why informations don't show up on the map.

Have a look on than change into "Edit with ID" now, in the center, a rectangular area becomes visible, named "ghat".

Why does this not shown in the normal map?

asked 20 Feb '16, 22:23

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It (your object "ghat") is not shown, because you did not attach tags to the object which are shown on the "normal map". Currently it is only tagged with:

  • area = yes
  • name = Ghat

So the only facts about this object are that it is an area and that its name is Ghat. But it is not known what this object is.

What is this object? Is it a building? Is it a market place? Is it... ? See Features in our wiki for tag suggestions or just use the search, which is built-in in iD.

Also see other questions about not shown objects and maybe about tagging.

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answered 20 Feb '16, 22:36

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edited 20 Feb '16, 23:14

Ok, that is understandable.

Now: This thing is a ghat. That means: It is man-made, out of concrete, a sort of giant staircase, made for pilgrims to be able to reach the river to take a holy bath there...

Hmmm. What tag should I apply?

Amenity / Place of worship ? But it's not a temple... People also wash clothes there

Highway / steps ? But you cant walk through; it just leads you down to the banks.

Sports /swimming ? But people don't go for a swim there. They just pray in the water.

(20 Feb '16, 22:57) nixwiehier

@nixwiehier: Thanks! Just for reference: Wikipedia about "Ghats".

So, not its name is "Ghat", but it is rather a description of the object, so first the name tag should be changed into description=Ghat.

If it is a place of worship, tag it as such, yes. I think that would be the best thing to do. Also attach a tag for the religion. I could not find specific tags for ghats. The description tag tells other mappers and end users what this object specifically is, and, hence, if somebody knows better tags they can add them.

You could also add the tag highway=steps, but rather to a separate linear object which is connected to the next footway/street.

(20 Feb '16, 23:11) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks a lot! Tomorrow I'll see, if the changes show up...

(20 Feb '16, 23:19) nixwiehier

@nixwiehier: Not all useful tags show up on our default map, but it is not the only one, there are many other map styles and uses of our data. However, as far as I know places of worship are rendered by our default map. And in fact it is (after your changes) already shown (press ctrl+F5 if not yet for you). Well done! :-)

I would remove "name = Ghat" because it is not its name but only its description.

Regarding highway = steps: I am not sure if it is a good idea to add this tag also to this area object, because – for example – the direction of the stairs is not known this way and because this tag is usually used on linear ways. I would suggest to use area:highway = steps (an example and current usage) instead.

(20 Feb '16, 23:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

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