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I've just managed to install Nominatim, using the description found here: on a CentOS 7. It all works fine, I've already imported a pbf of Luxembourg for testing purposes, it seems that the search is working, but I can't find the address lookup section of nominatim. The section, where I can enter node, way, or relation ids, to get information about them.

On the original Nominatim server, it can be found here:

I've searched in /Nominatim/website/ directory, and I have no lookup file there, but when I check this git, they indeed have a lookup file in the website directory:

Why am I missing the lookup file, I've followed the instalation instructions on the above url, to the letter, and downloaded the latest Nominatim version 2.4.0.

What could be the problem?

asked 20 Feb '16, 18:41

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Adam Baranyai
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Release 2.4.0 is dated 2015-05-07 but the "lookup" code was only added on 2015-06-16:

Perhaps you can simply download the lookup.php from github and place it in the right directory (don't forget the symlink to webspace). Otherwise you'll have to install Nominatim "trunk" i.e. the newest, un-versioned code from github.

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answered 20 Feb '16, 22:09

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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What are the drawbacks of using the unversioned code? Cause I tried downloading and symlinking lookup.php but it's not this easy unfortunatly:( As I can see, a bunch of other php codes were changed.

(21 Feb '16, 01:08) Adam Baranyai

Hi Adam,

Could you pls help me in the Nominatim installation as I have done each and every step in the link which you have shared. I even don't know the nominatim page as how it looks like.

Please help me in the installation

(13 Oct '16, 11:51) Ashok009

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