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I am mapping in the vicinity of an element (a way in this case) tagged as:

tiger:source=tiger_import_dch_v0.6_20070809 ...

The way seems completely misplaced/nonsensical.

Viewing the underlying Bing satellite imagery, I can discern no road that would correspond to it. E.g., the way cuts diagonally across the map (while roads in the area are NS/EW oriented); and it has an oddly shaped loop at one end, etc.

** Can anyone point me to a page on the OSM wiki that discusses this type of situation, and what to do?

(I am inclined to delete the way, but I figure it is best to first find out what the agreed practice is for the situation.)

Thanks very much.

asked 26 Apr '11, 04:51

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edited 26 Apr '11, 22:11

The policy is quite simple: If it is incorrect, correct it :-). That includes deleting ways that don't exist.

Before deleting, you might want to check:

  • Does the way really not exist at all, or is it just misplaced? (You seem to have checked that already).
  • Is the satellite imagery up to date? Our reference is what actually exists on the ground, not sat imagery.

If you have verified that the way does not exist, I see no problem with deleting it.

BTW: The TIGER data is known to be of problematic quality sometimes, so it's not quite unconceivable for it to be wrong.

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answered 26 Apr '11, 11:42

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Thank you for the reminder regarding on-the-ground. I appreciate that, and forgot to mention that I was mapping in this area because I have been mountain biking there.

And thanks also for your link to: It helped me.

I also found: and which helped me too.

Thanks again.

(26 Apr '11, 21:20) fun60Cx

if you were editing in josm or if you just upload a small area into josm that you wish to know about clicking on the way will give the last editors name. you could then email him or her and ask them about it. some one politely pointed out that i had just mapped a building and car park that didn't exist. it was a year or so since i gathered the trace ( I'd been storing them for walking routes when i discovered OSM and got involved ) the site is now being developed for the Olympics. I thanked him for pointing this out and explained that I live 100k away,so could not easily rece it. he replied no worries i'll cycle round it and fix when open, which was great.

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answered 27 Apr '11, 00:24

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andy mackey
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Thanks. I've been working in Potlatch2, but I've installed Josm and am starting to use it, and will keep that in mind.

(27 Apr '11, 00:51) fun60Cx

I usually use P2 but JOSM will besides the above place pictures on map (synchronize camera time to gps before taking pics) which is a useful for lots of reasons

(27 Apr '11, 11:20) andy mackey

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