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hi, i came across this field in the source of overpass api, i want to know the purpose of this field https://github.com/drolbr/Overpass-API/blob/a0b334e8fcbee40f05cf74c0a744584c18f4d711/src/overpass_api/core/settings.cc#L137 . Also i need to know if Overpass limit's the number of concurrent access to any value ...

asked 15 Feb '16, 11:22

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Arun Gowtham
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closed 24 Feb '16, 20:17

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Your questions all seem to be valid and show quite a bit of research. For a more focused discussion, I suggest to do a follow up on the Overpass API developer list. See http://listes.openstreetmap.fr/wws/info/overpass

(16 Feb '16, 19:37) mmd

Follow up is now on overpass dev list, closing this one.

(24 Feb '16, 20:17) mmd

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other - follow up on more specific list." by mmd 24 Feb '16, 20:17

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