is there a way of automatically downloading the KML file, i.e. from linux command line, in order to restore the current map state in case of vandalism?

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Is this question about umap? It seems to be a duplicate of which was tagged umap, but this one isn't.

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yes, this question is about umap and i only realized after i got the answer of malenki that i was supposed to add a umap tag, so i asked it again as if this is confusing, please remove this first question!

(15 Feb '16, 10:47) stefxy

What a waste of time…

(15 Feb '16, 11:14) malenki

The question has been closed for the following reason "AS noted in the comments, this question is a mistagged duplicate of ." by SomeoneElse 15 Feb '16, 10:51

Of course, but with OSM these are .osm files.
You may download your desired region with wget as cronjob every night from OSM API (if it is not too big) or from Overpass API. This call

wget "*[bbox=40.52215098562377,19.769210815429688,41.07624551474787,20.48194885253906]" -O - > $(date +%Y-%m-%d)_a_region_in_Albania.osm

will result in a file named 2016-02-15_a_region_in_Albania.osm

Or you are already satisfied with the services offers. For some recent days they have daily backups, then monthly and yearly ones. Just click on "raw directory index on their download site.

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