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We are using our OSRM instance for routing applications and since our last update on 1st Feb we have ran into a routing problem.

We have observed a problem on one of our route which were correct before between A20 Archcliffe Road (51.11420, 1.30183) going east 300meters approx to A20 Archcliffe Road (51.1146, 1.3043) over a roundabout. This route now goes all round A20 west via B2011 and A256 giving a total route of 12kms.

Please see the link below:

Using Mapzen the routing works correctly as plotted below:

I have tried to correct this problem on the OpenStreetMap editor by removing a barrier tag which was at the start of this roundabout which looked like a possible cause. But it hasn’t worked and routing is still incorrect for OSRM.

Also, when trying to fix this problem found another.

Generate a straight route from a junction exit on A20 roundabout B2011 (51.10479, 1.24031) to exit of B2011 to A20 (51.10479, 1.24031) and the OSRM routing fails.

The route is blocked at the exit of B2011 round about. So the route generated is very long via Folkestone Road, A256 and back on A20 on other side of the carriage way. Please see the link below:

If I select the Mapzen routing for the same the correct route is displayed as plotted below:

Can someone please be able to help with this routing problem as these routes are very crucial for our systems.

Thank you.

asked 13 Feb '16, 21:40

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Kushagra Bha...
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edited 14 Feb '16, 21:11

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Have you already tried contacting the OSRM developer(s) via IRC, mailing list, twitter or GitHub?

(13 Feb '16, 22:27) scai ♦

Yes I have now raised my issues with OSRM developers via IRC, twitter and GitHub. Thanks.

(13 Feb '16, 23:41) Kushagra Bha...

the barrier edit was this one , right? barrier=tr seems indeeed strange to me. If it caused a problem - I do not know. In any case, keep in mind that OSRM needs time to update to the new data.

Do you have more questions or can we close this question here? It would be nice if you could link the github issues here.

(14 Feb '16, 00:55) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes this was the edit. The barrier=tr was added a month ago. I guess this can be closed here as I have raised this issue with OSRM links mentioned above.

Btw do you know approximately how long does it takes for OSRM to update?

(14 Feb '16, 01:07) Kushagra Bha...

No, sorry, I do not know (guess: one day up to a month). Please just ask it as a new question entry here if you cannot find it in the old questions.

(14 Feb '16, 01:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

It would be nice if you could provide links to the other places where you raised this issue. The GitHub issue is here:

(14 Feb '16, 08:53) scai ♦

Thanks for copying this link here. That's the main place where I have raised this issue. On twitter I have just posted the tweet with this link.

(14 Feb '16, 12:54) Kushagra Bha...

Just checked the OSRM and seems like the changes on this route are now updated and it is now working correctly. Thank you all for looking into this matter.

(14 Feb '16, 13:10) Kushagra Bha...

OSRM will avoid any barrier which it doesn't understand, so was behaving correctly. I have no idea what barrier=tr was meant to be,

(14 Feb '16, 19:53) trigpoint

I wrote a message (asking what barrier=tr should mean) to the relevant user on 14 February 2016 at 00:59 but did not get a reply yet.

(14 Feb '16, 19:58) aseerel4c26 ♦

I check on the OSRM but barrier has no value of tr. Mauls a month ago. Not sure though why this barrier field was applied if tr was an invalid value. But surely removing it seems to fixed it. A new highway=traffic_signal tag was added which applies the speed restrictions, doubt that would have made any difference.

(14 Feb '16, 21:44) Kushagra Bha...

@Kushagra OSM has a quite unrestricted tagging approach. If you think that you do not want to stick to established tag keys/values then you can use any tags you like, hence barrier=tr is not wrong per so ... but it may be not that useful (in fact I guess it is a typing accident).

(14 Feb '16, 22:03) aseerel4c26 ♦
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