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I'm currently trying to add a simple 3D building called 'De La Warr Pavilion' here -

But it appears, at least on F4Map the ground floor is missing under the other building parts -

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known bug? Thanks in advance.


asked 11 Feb '16, 20:08

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OSM2World also doesn't draw the ground floor (tried with a local copy of the latest build). So I guess it's a tagging problem although I'm not sure why. It seems to be caused somehow by the other outlines having a "building:min_level" set.

The simple 3D buildings wiki page contains an interesting sentence that could be relevant here:

Note that if a building=* contains at least one area tagged as building:part=*, the building outline is no longer considered for volume rendering.

So it might be necessary to draw another outline with building:part=yes and building:levels=1 which overlaps with the parts having a "building:min_level" set. This seems to render correctly with at least OSM2World. The new way looks in JOSM like this:

alt text

However since I'm neither convinced that this is the correct solution (isn't there an easier one?) nor do I know whether the building really does look the way I "fixed" it I won't upload it.

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answered 12 Feb '16, 16:50

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scai ♦
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edited 12 Feb '16, 16:51

Hmm, interesting. With that thinking I'll remove all the "building:min_level" tags and reset the "building:levels". This seems to render it correctly, albeit the buildings parts are all inside one another. Thanks you for your help.

(12 Feb '16, 20:39) Dr-Mx

Not sure if that's the correct approach either. Making the building parts stuck in each other although they don't in reality sounds wrong. But I'm not very experienced in 3D tagging.

(12 Feb '16, 20:58) scai ♦

Yeah, it's not the cleanest approach. I haven't made any permanent changes yet, so I'll try a bit more experimentation given your advice.

(12 Feb '16, 23:42) Dr-Mx

As you say the building=yes isn't rendered if there is a building:part=yes above it, so I just lowered level 2 to ground level. That was all I needed to do. Cheers.

(13 Feb '16, 12:09) Dr-Mx

Alex, not a direct an answer but did you studied these pages ?

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answered 11 Feb '16, 23:35

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... or ask in the OSM 3D subforum.

Normaly the developers of f4map are active there, too.

(12 Feb '16, 15:04) stephan75

It appears "This forum is not accepting new registrations." But I'll keep checking back, thanks.

(12 Feb '16, 15:43) Dr-Mx

Just login to the forum with your regular OSM account.

(12 Feb '16, 16:19) SomeoneElse ♦

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