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NB: I'm based in the UK, where (mini-)roundabouts go clockwise.

I thought I'd fix some local map bugs though osmose. I notice that osmose flags this:

direction = clockwise 
highway = mini_roundabout


Reverse roundabout
Mini roundabout direction in this country is "clockwise" by default, useless direction tag

However, the wiki states that direction should be indicated on mini-roundabouts, as the default is anti-clockwise: Tag:junction=roundabout (see the examples)

Which is correct?

  • If the direction is needed, osmose needs fixing, where can I file a bug report?
  • If the direction is not needed, the wiki needs updating in a few places.

asked 07 Feb '16, 09:44

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I have now opened an issue on Osmose Github

(10 Feb '16, 22:38) Jack_B

In this case, Osmose and the OSM wiki disagree.

The OSM wiki says:

Note that the default value for mini-roundabouts is anti-clockwise.

Key:direction on the wiki

and specifically on a page about the United Kingdom:

Add highway=mini_roundabout to the intersection node where the mini roundabout is located. Also add direction=clockwise.

Road signs in the United_Kingdom

Osmose, however, seems to use a different rule (from reading its source code):

Default value: "anti-clockwise" for countries that drive on the right, and "clockwise" for countries that drive on the left. contains a list of countries with the side they drive on.

While Osmose's rule makes sense, I believe the Wiki should take precedence here. Also, when in doubt, I'd choose the simpler rule, so Wiki wins again.

So I'd advise to ignore Osmose's complaints, and file a bug on GitHub:

permanent link

answered 09 Feb '16, 10:47

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When adding a mini roundabout with potlatch2, in edit mode, the icon shows anti clockwise, but by default the node seems to be unset. when editing an unset ordinary roundabout setting oneway made it default to clockwise. (in GB we drive on left).

(09 Feb '16, 11:18) andy mackey

My personal opinion is that it really doesn't matter whether a UK mini-roundabout is tagged as direction=clockwise or not. I wouldn't add direction=clockwise if the tag was missing or remove it if it was present.

An anti-clockwise mini-roundabout is far more likely to be a tagging error than a genuinely anti-clockwise mini-roundabout. There are currently 2 allegedly anti-clockwise mini-roundabouts in the UK - see .

If there were a significant number of genuine exceptions then it might be worth tagging it, but we don't tag "driving_side" throughout the UK just because Savoy Court is (famously) an exception to the side of the road we drive on.

permanent link

answered 10 Feb '16, 21:35

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SomeoneElse ♦
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As a bit of extra info, here's an Overpass Turbo link for driving_side ways which covers most of the UK:

(10 Feb '16, 21:44) SomeoneElse ♦

Any competent router should be aware which country the route is being created & have appropriate rules built to suit, making the tagging pointless.

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answered 11 Feb '16, 15:08

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