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I want to get all the ways along a track (set of points) for classification. Currently, I create a query by concatenating each point like so:


etc.. However (as I expected) this takes too long for a couple of thousand points. I don't want to increase the timeout.

Is there a more efficient way for this kind of query?

asked 05 Feb '16, 19:08

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If I am not wrong, the around parameter works with a real circle ... that clipping is very time consuming for the server, I assume.

So a better way can be that you calculate rectengular bounding boxes around each point, and the you do overpass-api queries by those boxes as parameter, that should be quite faster.

Or download a country extract from raw OSM data from any sourve mentioned at planet.osm, and do some filtering and clipping with your batch calculated mini bounding boxes with tools like osmfilter, osmconvert .

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answered 06 Feb '16, 11:02

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Thank you for your answer. I tried a bounding box around each point first, but the speed increase is not very big. Currently I'm combining the points and their bounding boxes until I reach a given area for the bounding box, thereby reducing the number of combined requests drastically. This is much faster, but still pretty slow: Around 20s for an 80km track. I have since learned about alpha shapes, this could be a way to go but it would make the request more complicated.

I am reluctant to go the raw OSM data route since in the end I would need to practically have the whole planet.osm available locally or on a private server and I was hoping to be lightweight and fast.

(07 Feb '16, 13:04) lcanis

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