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When I click on the street I see its details on the left, but as soon as I move the mouse to the left to edit them, the details disappear! Help, please, I am new to this site.

asked 04 Feb '16, 13:40

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Rick Raubenh...
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edited 05 Feb '16, 11:26

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Hello and welcome! Could you please give us a few more details:

  • What device (PC, tablet, smartphone...) are you using?
  • What editor are you using? Did you just click the "Edit" button on the main OSM page, in which case you're using the ID editor, or did you select a different editor through the Edit drop-down menu?
(04 Feb '16, 14:24) Lightsider

The described behaviour matches what you would see in the current default editor iD, so I will comment on this:

  1. You need to click (to "select") the street once (instead of just hovering/mouseover on it)
  2. move your mouse into the side bar
  3. do your name change

As always:

  1. Do other changes which are related (e.g. name changes of other parts of this street)
  2. click the save button
  3. enter a short comment what, why and with which sources you did
  4. click the blue save button in the side bar
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answered 04 Feb '16, 14:25

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That happened to me once. I simply closed the tab and then went back to the site and tried to edit and it worked. No idea what happened there.

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answered 04 Feb '16, 21:54

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Going out of openstreetmap and back in again seems to have cured it. I can now select a street by clicking on it, and edit its characteristics in the block on the left. Thanks all!

PS: Must I save after every change to a street segment, or can I make many changes to different streets, and save everything at the end? Ta.

(05 Feb '16, 10:49) Rick Raubenh...

@Rick Raubenheimer: regarding your follow-up question: you can/should make many changes (this is what I tried to mention in my second "1." above). E.g. you correct some streetnames in a full quarter and then save them in one go ("changeset") with a comment like "corrected streetnames in quarter xyz after looking at the streetsigns".

Since Big_Borz' suggestion solved your problem, please mark this answer as accepted.

(05 Feb '16, 11:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

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