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Someone has placed a point on the map in the wrong spot. How can I move it to the correct spot?

asked 02 Feb '16, 16:35

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Stuart T
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edited 03 Feb '16, 12:51

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aseerel4c26 ♦

could you please specify your question? What does not work? Which editor are you using?

(02 Feb '16, 21:03) aseerel4c26 ♦

I don't know what you mean. I am in Open Street Map and I clicked the green "Edit" box at the top left.

(02 Feb '16, 22:51) Stuart T

okay, thanks, that means you are using the default OSM editor - which is iD currently.

(03 Feb '16, 09:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

@Stuart T, I really recommend doing the walkthrough in the iD editor if you haven't. It's quick and does a great job of giving you the basics of how to edit OSM with it.

(03 Feb '16, 14:52) neuhausr

AHA! Solved. It was because I had the aerial photo background layer on. That was preventing me from seeing and moving points! Once I switched to the OSM mapnik layer, I could see the points and move them. (Maybe the aerial photo should not come on by default when you click Edit, as it just serves to confuse newbies like me!)

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answered 03 Feb '16, 11:47

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Stuart T
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Thanks for this info! However, also with the aerial in the background you should be able to see all objects. Maybe you just did not see them because of too much clutter.

(03 Feb '16, 12:50) aseerel4c26 ♦

Are you using the default editor iD? If you were not using any editor, welcome!

In case you mean iD: Just click and hold the point with your mouse, drag it to a new location, release the mouse button. In case you are using a touch interface it may work slightly different, e.g. with a short tap on the point before and then the drag.

For other editors it usually is very similar.

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answered 02 Feb '16, 21:03

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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Thanks, but if I click with my mouse, it just shows the hand icon and dragging moves the whole map, not the point

(02 Feb '16, 22:51) Stuart T

You have to click on the point you want to move, not on the map in general. Alternatively, you can (almost) real-time help on IRC; it may be better to ask there if you're still struggling with using the editor.

Alternatively, could you tell us which point you are trying to edit (assuming you're using the ID editor, select it in the editor, and scroll down the left column until you see a link "View on". Copy that link's address and paste it in a comment here.

(03 Feb '16, 07:42) Lightsider

When I click the Edit button, the map switches to an aerial photograph for some reason and the little brown point (which I want to move) has disappeared!

@andy mackey - yes, I know for a fact that the point is in the wrong location. It is one street over.

(03 Feb '16, 11:16) Stuart T

@Stuart T: the aerial background is just a supporting background which you can (but not must) use for your edits. Could you please provide a link to the location where the "brown point" is? Just move the map to the right place, zoom in as much as possible and copy and paste the URL.

(03 Feb '16, 11:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

@asreel4c26 - actually, the point I was trying to move is the incorrect location of the Jack the Ripper murder site in my other post. But it looks like I have successfully deleted it (as it's no longer there). So rather than moving it, I can just add my own in the correct location (which I think I am half way to doing!). FYI, the original point which was in the wrong location was on Brune St (to the south)

(03 Feb '16, 11:35) Stuart T

@Stuart T: okay, if you want to move an object it really should be moved (instead of deleted and re-created) since this preserves the object's history in our database. (Discussion to be continued)

(03 Feb '16, 12:49) aseerel4c26 ♦
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If you have surveyed the point and you are sure it is wrong. Put the pointer on the point, hold down left mouse button and drag it to correct position, describe the edit and save it.

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answered 03 Feb '16, 01:29

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andy mackey
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