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When I drop a point on the map instead of being prompted to name it, I am only given a search box. How can i name the point I have made?

asked 02 Feb '16, 16:33

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Stuart T
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aseerel4c26 ♦


You might want to try for quicker assistance getting started with the editor. It can take a minute, but someone will usually have an answer for this sort of question.

(02 Feb '16, 17:05) maxerickson

thanks maxericson, but I clicked that link and got a page of gobbledegook! I have no idea what to do with that, I'm afraid. Surely there must be a simple way of just adding a point to a map and naming it? That must be the most basic use case of them all, surely? I just want to add a point of interest on a street and say what it is.

(02 Feb '16, 19:13) Stuart T

For info, that link allows you to connect to an IRC server that allows you to communicate with people "in real time". If you click it, change the "Nickname" to something other than CGIxyz and then click "login", you'll be taken to a web page with the cursor sat in a field at the bottom of the screen. If you type in something like "Hello! I just a question on the OSM help site asking 'How do I name a point I have just added?' and was suggested to come here" someone will probably reply.

(02 Feb '16, 19:19) SomeoneElse ♦

great! I'll give that a try. thanks

(02 Feb '16, 20:36) Stuart T

I guess you are talking of iD our default editor on .

You should see this selection on the left. If you do not want to first select one of the shown presets or use the search box to find a preset you can click the bottom entry "point" to skop this preset selection. Afterwards you can add a name and your own accompanying tags. Be sure to not only set a name. Every OSM object should have more than a name tag.

permanent link

answered 02 Feb '16, 20:53

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 02 Feb '16, 20:53

Thanks aseerel4c - I added a name point, but now it asks me for a "changeset comment" (whatever that is!). What do you mean by "Be sure to not only set a name"? What elese do I need to set? I saved my point and it says it had saved it, but it's not showing up on the map

(03 Feb '16, 11:22) Stuart T

@Stuart T: see there for changeset comments.

"Not only a name": you need to set what the object should represent. E.g. a school or a restaurant, or a park bench, or a ... That's also the reason why it does not show up on the map. I guess you mean this node. So, what is "Jack the Ripper murder site"? Is there some real-world object or is it just a site which where some action took place in the past?

(03 Feb '16, 11:27) aseerel4c26 ♦

Ah! You found it. Excellent. yes, I am simply trying to drop a pin to mark the precise location of where one of the Jack the Ripper murders took place. It was in 1888. So what kind of tag do I need to add to make it show up? I am guessing I have to click on the + in the grey box below "name"? (thanks SO much for your help).

(03 Feb '16, 11:32) Stuart T

AT LAST! It worked! My point is showing up! Thanks everyone for your help!

(03 Feb '16, 12:01) Stuart T

@Stuart T: fine. However, if it is just a more or less historic place with no current real-world emanation, then there should not be a point at all (according to OSM's goals). If there is e.g. a information plate for tourists, you could add such tags to the object.

Digging through your changesets I guess I have found the orignal object: . This one? Please comment, I will undelete (an advanced action) the old object, then you can try to move it again. ...okay, since you seem to accidentally moved a node which belongs to some streets/pedestrian area I will revert all of that - done. You can try to move the node again now. By the way: the location is quite different from the old one, was the object moved in the real world or do you think it was just placed at the wrong location by your fellow mappers before?

(03 Feb '16, 12:48) aseerel4c26 ♦

Since this is quite off-topic now, it may be good to continue the discussion in IRC chat or send me a mail.

(03 Feb '16, 13:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi. Thanks for clearing this up and sorry to put you to this trouble. So the original site of the murder (13 Miller Court) no longer exists as an address; it is basically under what is now the London Fruit Exchange. The orignal contributor mistakenly placed the market in Brune St (presumably thinking that was where Miller Court was). I can prove my location is the correct one, if needed, but I take your point about the OSM rules and will obviously comply with them. I guess all I wanted to do is let curious people know where the site is (even though the actual address no longer exists). This contributor has marked the other Ripper locations and they appear to be correct, so I guess he just made a mistake.

(03 Feb '16, 14:04) Stuart T

thanks for the info, Stuart. I will reply by mail.

(03 Feb '16, 14:33) aseerel4c26 ♦
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