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I can not save modifications to my map when i pressed Save button , it took an hour i'm waiting, then the map didn't save! how can I fix this problem???

asked 31 Jan '16, 09:53

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Said MoSSA
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edited 01 Feb '16, 18:47

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aseerel4c26 ♦

... so you've pressed "save" at the top-right, you've typed in a changeset comment and clicked "save" at the left? What do you see on screen when "the map didn't save"?

(31 Jan '16, 12:09) SomeoneElse ♦

Well .. after the completion of the drawing .. Remember we are pressing the button at the top right of the screen .. But freeze the screen and continue to the top of the Blue Line to pass through the screen without being conservation Then I close the browser And reopened .. I can not find the change you made on the drawing may save I did not experience this difficulty previously two days ago

(31 Jan '16, 20:25) Said MoSSA

@Said MoSSA: "Blue Line"? About which webpage or editor are you talking?

(31 Jan '16, 20:33) aseerel4c26 ♦

This blue line are we talking about Saving the amendments is not complete

(01 Feb '16, 00:14) Said MoSSA
(01 Feb '16, 00:17) Said MoSSA

Let's start from the beginning: How are you editing the map? This is not the interface of any OSM editor.

(01 Feb '16, 08:03) scai ♦

that is quite clearly the default interface of uMap (e.g. at ). I have added a tag and mentioned it in the title.

(01 Feb '16, 18:46) aseerel4c26 ♦
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