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I have stored an OSM file on my Gamin Nüvi 660FM. The file is an IMG file of New Zealand, downloaded from OSMAustralia. I stored the file on the SD card in my Gamin unit.

The map displays nicely in my Gamin device, and I can manually (with the GPS receiver disabled) place my position on the new map, but any attempts to navigate fail. Even though my starting position is on a street, the device says "No street found near starting position", and searching for a particular location also fails - the device doesn't even know a country named New Zealand.

So, am I expecting too much, or must I store the map in the unit's internal memory rather than on an SD card? Or is there another problem?

asked 24 Apr '11, 16:46

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I'm not familiar with the maps you link to, but it sounds like they are not routable. Whether to support routing is an option in Mkgmap (the software used to generate most OSM based Garmin maps), and not all maps have it enabled.

I see that OSM Australia also has routable maps to download: Garmin Routable IMG Files (New Zealand). So try downloading that, and using it on your Garmin instead, then routing should work.

For "searching for a particular location", note that address searching is not properly supported by Mkgmap (yet). So searching for an address may not work (it may depend on what Garmin device you are using). Though searching for a point of interest or city etc, then navigating to it should be possible (depending on your device). I believe there has recently been work on getting address searching working in Mkgmap, so recent versions may have some support for this.

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answered 24 Apr '11, 17:43

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Thank you, Vclaw, that helped a lot!

The routable IMG files can indeed be used for navigating to other cities, but address searches do not work.

(24 Apr '11, 19:10) oz1cz

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