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Major Forest Service roads around here generally have two names: a number, and a textual name. For example, one road is interchangeably referred to as "Lightning Creek Road" and "Road 419", including on signs (signs might have one name, the other, or both). How should I handle this?

asked 27 Jan '16, 06:55

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How about name=Lightning Creek Road and ref=419?

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answered 27 Jan '16, 06:59

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Would this make both names show up on the map?

(27 Jan '16, 14:54) ChrisMendez

Or maybe ref=FS 419.

(It's not really clear to me what the prefix should be for US Forest Service road refs, but I think they should have some prefix to help finding them)

(27 Jan '16, 14:55) maxerickson

ref=FS xxx is indeed fairly commonly used in my experience.

(27 Jan '16, 14:58) Richard ♦

1 and 2 digit routes should be FS as they're part of the National Forest Service highway system. 3 and 4 digit routes are almost always NFD as part of the National Forest Development trail system. This isn't always hard and firm in terms of the number of digits, but in general if it's a trapezoid brown sign, it's FS, if it's a rectangular horizontal brown sign or vertical brown sign, it's NFD.

(27 Jan '16, 18:57) Baloo Uriza

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