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I keep on getting this error message, when I pan the map in Potlatch 2. Occasionally it works OK, but the error occurs most of the time.

I thought that maybe it was because I had been doing loads of editing in the session, so exited Potlatch - still happens. Exited the browser - still happens. Rebooted computer - still happens. It even keeps happening when there are only 3 or 4 simple ways in the view area! I've been able to do loads of edits in the last few days with this computer/internet connection and all other web traffic seems to be working OK.

Happens both in Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.6.5 on Mac OS X.

Potlatch 1 seems to be OK.

Is it happening for anyone else at the moment?

asked 24 Apr '11, 09:56

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edited 11 May '11, 15:55

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Richard ♦

FWIW, Potlatch2 works peerfectly fine here loading a full little city, at the time of this posting (15:30GMT+1)

(24 Apr '11, 14:28) Herve5

Same problem here, sadly. Both Mercartor and JOSM report some 400-related errors, Potlatch2 fails miserably. Interestingly, Potlatch1 seems to be working fine on the very same piece of map. Any ideas?

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answered 06 Aug '11, 12:11

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This is really annoying. I don't think it's a good idea to use potlatch. It helps to get a buggy map. As know I have some unfinished lines which I want to edit. Know I have to stop and wait for better times. I'm not sure if I will continue. I don't want to work voluntary in my free time on frustrating programs

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answered 03 Jun '11, 14:28

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I think it's often network or server congestion. Try again at a less busy time, like when Europe and the USA are both sleeping.

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answered 11 May '11, 15:34

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Hmm. I just tried using Merkaartor to edit, and I got the error:

"Unexpected http status code (509) Server message is 'Bandwidth Limit Exceeded' API message is 'You have downloaded too much data. Please try again later.'"

If that error is correct, it looks as if the server thinks I've downloaded "too much". Why it thinks that I'm not sure, but maybe that is what is causing the problem in Potlatch. If so, then the Potlatch error should be clearer!

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answered 24 Apr '11, 12:59

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Is it the first time you use Merkaartor? This error is common when you try to download too large an area, and "too large" is very easily triggered (much more than with Potlatch indeed)...

(24 Apr '11, 14:31) Herve5

No, I've used Merkaartor before. I was only trying to download a small area.

I got a tiny bit loaded in Merkaartor by waiting and zooming right in. Then I edited and uploaded. Potlatch then worked but soon said "Couldn't load map", and Merkaartor then said "Bandwidth exceeded". So, it look as if the server thinks I've downloaded too much (and is letting me download a more occasionally). That's just a guess though!

I've added a ticket to report the vague Potlatch error: The developers can say if my guess is wrong, or fix it for this situation.

(24 Apr '11, 15:59) spod

It isn't a trivial fix because Flash Player is actually unable to detect HTTP error messages - it's not really a Potlatch-level issue at all. We have a workaround which we use for uploads, but it'll take a bit of time to apply it to and test it on downloads as well.

(24 Apr '11, 16:53) Richard ♦

this problem occurs in my experience if you are zoomed out to far and in areas with a lot of detail (such as towns and cities) when you scroll or even start editing with too big a view you are asking for too much data.If you zoom in a lot hopefully it will work ok

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answered 24 Apr '11, 11:33

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andy mackey
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josm would, after you had managed to down load some data would give you the chance to work off line without the hold ups,I usually use P2 but josm has extra bits like displaying pictures on the map which worked well when I tried it.

(24 Apr '11, 16:08) andy mackey

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