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Is there away to use a conditional restrictions to indicated that a left turn can't be made from 7AM (07:00) to 9AM (09:00) or from 4PM (16:00) to 6PM (18:00) Monday through Friday? There's no documentation explaining how this can be done (other than saying that a conditional restrictions should be used for a time based turn restriction) so please don't just post a link to the wiki unless you've edited the wiki since I posed this.

Thank you

asked 16 Jan '16, 01:15

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The tagging would be something like restriction:conditional=no_left_turn @ (Mo-Fr 16:00-18:00).

It basically isn't used though:

So it probably won't be utilized yet by data consumers.

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answered 16 Jan '16, 02:23

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Thank you for your replay but I'm still not full sure about where should I put the tag "restriction:conditional=no_left_turn @ (Mo-Fr 07:00-09:00,16:00-18:00)"? Is attached to the relation for the turn restriction the way for the "from" highway, the node of the "via" intersection, the other way for the "to" highway, or some combination of those?

If that tag isn't going to be used by any of the navigation software should I try to use day_on/off and hour_on/off? like this? day_on=Monday and day_off=Friday and hour_on=07:00;16:00 and hour_off=09:00;18:00 The problem with hour_on is that it seems to only be looking for one start and one stop time otherwise I would have just used that in the first place since there is documentation for it. PS if you don't know or you're not sure it would be nice if you could say that

Thank you again Dan

(16 Jan '16, 03:13) DTHG

It goes on the relation, like the plain restriction tag.

It looks like there is somewhat more use of hour_on and friends, but only a few thousand, so they probably aren't getting used much either.

(16 Jan '16, 03:31) maxerickson

Using the taginfo link above and the Overpass Turbo button, I found this example, in case it helps:

(16 Jan '16, 10:16) EdLoach ♦

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