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Hi! When editing my maps, the default setting of OSM is French. Is it possible to choose/set the native (or a specific chosen) language somewhere? Cheers!

asked 14 Jan '16, 10:09

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Thanks for you quick response!

I think I solved the issue. I'm able to choose other map backgrounds with the function "change map background". At this place the first options (default map) was "OSM-fr". Other options are Positron, Outdoors-OSM, OSM-roads, Dark Matter, etc. But there is also a map called "OpenStreetMap" which turns the city names into the local language.

Sorry I didn't look good enough in the first place.

Edit: This question was meant for the uMap project! (I'll include uMap in the title of the question..)

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answered 15 Jan '16, 09:12

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The default Umap site is run from having french names for cities/countries is quite natural. As you have found you can change the background.

(15 Jan '16, 15:00) SK53 ♦

Thank you educomm, changing map backgrounds works perfectly.

What I haven't found is how to then share a umap link that actually includes the selected map background. The link always defaults back to French, requiring recipients to manually change it again.

Did you find a solution to this?

(24 Aug '16, 15:46) BRCEFAER

(UMAP) Ah, I found using the right hand 'change tile/layers' setting... (identical icon to the left hand 'change map background' icon) but this one permenantly sets the map language after save.

(25 Aug '16, 09:47) BRCEFAER

You should supply some information on where you are editing and with what tool.

In general OSM will use your browser settings, however you can set language preferences in your use profile if you want something different.

HOWEVER that doesn't have any thing to do with displaying city names in French, typically editors will display the content of the name tag regardless of language. In other words you are likely simply seeing the correct local name of the city in question.

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answered 14 Jan '16, 10:13

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