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For example, say I download a USGS topo. How can I use this as a background to trace over?

asked 25 Jul '10, 05:24

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If the only thing you wish to trace is a USGS topo, JOSM already had that as an option under the imagery menu pull down. Not sure about other editors. Near as I can tell from the areas I've looked at the scanned topo images are from the most recent USGS versions.

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answered 15 Aug '13, 15:04

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To display your GeoTIFF as a background layer, you need a way to convert it to a coordinate reference system (CRS) suitable for the editor you are using. For JOSM, the ImportImage Plugin will take care of transforming your images to the CRS used by JOSM.

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answered 26 Oct '12, 22:45

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Importing a GeoTiff results in an IO Error.

(15 Aug '13, 13:45) Ogmios

You can load GeoTIFFs in Merkaartor.

This doesn't seem to be explained very well in the documentation (I think its a fairly new feature), but to do this:

  • Click on the Layers menu, then "Add new image layer".
  • Then right click on the "Map - None" layer in the layers dock, select GeoTIFF, then "Load image", and pick your .tiff file.
  • Then your image should be loaded. Note the map view will not change to where the GeoTIFF is, you will have to manually scroll/zoom to the correct place.
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answered 26 Jul '10, 01:44

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edited 26 Jul '10, 13:14

I never did this before but I think may help you to provide a WMS layer that can be used as Background-Layer in JOSM and Potlatch.

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answered 25 Jul '10, 16:50

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I've tried a few of those services, and they're not bad for georeferencing a non-georeferenced image, but won't take the existing information from a GeoTIFF.

(25 Jul '10, 22:12) NE2

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