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Hi everyone,

I want to use OSM data as a basis for some routing calculations (i want to test something new with special constraints so using existing routing algorithms isn't an option). During the calculations I want to add some information into the OSM database (mainly in forms of new relations) that my routing algorithm came up with. For this purpose I want to setup a local OSM server (rail ports with postgres database).

As it's a rather long term project i want to update my OSM database from time to time using diffs. At this point I need some help.

Is it possible to apply diffs to a local dataset that was locally changed after importing? I think the issue would be that I have originally two seperate datasets (local and public OSM) that initially are the same (when populating the local database at first) but after that will be modified independently from each other. Is it possible to incorporate changes from the public OSM database into my private OSM data? If yes, what's the best way to do so?

I hope I was able to explain my problem and look foreward to your suggestions.

Thanks a lot!

asked 09 Jan '16, 13:42

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Knowing how big approximately is the test area going to be would help.

(09 Jan '16, 21:17) RM87

For now it's not going to be bigger than southern Germany. The OSM file has roughly 1.3 GB

(09 Jan '16, 22:16) Fr0ggynator

Hi! Is there any best practice for this problem? I am having a similar problem now.

(03 Jul '18, 10:30) Hanson

@Hanson is your problem "how to merge 2 independently modified datasets with Osmosis" or "how to update a database that has been modified"?

If the former, then this might be a helpful example to follow - that splits a large .osm.pbf, processes various sections separately and then combines the results.

(03 Jul '18, 13:47) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi SomeoneElse. My problem is how to keep a local modified database in sync with osm database.

(03 Jul '18, 15:00) Hanson

@Hanson could you please create a new question, the original one was rather specific.

(03 Jul '18, 15:53) SimonPoole ♦
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