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Suppose you have two points A and B and a line l between them. Further suppose that the underlying "real linear thing" that should be represented in OSM is a bit longer (shorter) than the current line l and you want to stretch it a bit, but keeping the direction fixed.

Speaking mathematically, you want to move point B to a point B'= A + (B-A)*r, r being a real number, r>0 (and r<>1 to exclude the identity transformation).

I don't care about r being too exact, but I want the direction (B-A) to be fixed. If I just move my point B with the mouse, it will always change the direction at least a bit. How can I keep it fixed?

asked 30 Dec '15, 22:17

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Another solution, IMHO more straightforward than Hendrikklaas and aseerel4c26's, is to switch to extrude mode (x) and then move the node while pressing Ctrl. Shows guidelines, and lets you choose between angles when the node is connected to more than one way segment.

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answered 04 Jan '16, 17:40

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There are plenty of cool moves possible in extrude mode, check the docs :)

(04 Jan '16, 17:41) Vincent de P... ♦

I never really tried it – only switched it on sometimes accidentally. Thanks, this looks really useful! :-) Pressing Ctrl before moving the node is the key. The non-Ctrl moves never seemed that useful to me.

(04 Jan '16, 19:56) aseerel4c26 ♦

a bit of a workaround I use often:

  • extension: select B and press key A on you keyboard twice. Then the angle snapping is active - you can easily select the 0° for placement of a new node. If you want to eliminate the original node, move it to B' and press the M key to merge both (the node id of B should be kept automatically). Screenshot just before the addition of B'.
  • contraction: just insert a new node by clicking (in insert mode) on the line between A and B. Again, merge if necessary.
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answered 31 Dec '15, 00:26

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Warden, Use JOSM to make this happen. Copy the old line and drop it beside. Draw an extra line twice as long as you want the new one to be. Position the line by using control + shift + mouse pointer to match the direction of the old one. (try it) Draw the new one over the extra one and if it matches your desires, delete the extra one and the copy you’ve made for the original direction. Or copy and paste your old line in your usual programm, put them next to each other and join them into one line.

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answered 31 Dec '15, 00:24

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the question is about JOSM (see the tags and title prefix) @ "Use JOSM to make this happen"

(31 Dec '15, 00:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

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